Introduction to Interactive Digital Media: Concept and Practice

I am currently writing a book for professionals and students wanting to learn the basics of interactive digital media: Introduction to Interactive Digital Media: Concept & Practice. As our reliance on web sites, mobile apps, kiosks and devices that respond to our commands has increased, the need for practitioners who understand these technologies is growing.  Introduction to Interactive Digital Media: Concept & Practice is the quintessential guide for introducing the field and helping readers understand how interactive applications are made as well as what the best practices are.

One of my goals in writing this book is to reveal opportunities within the field of interactive digital media for professionals with different types of skills. Every chapter will contain excerpted interviews with actual practitioners to support the concepts addressed in the chapter. The complete interviews are posted below.

Introduction to Interactive Digital Media: Concept & Practice will be published by Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group in February 2020.

Chapter 1: What is Interactive Digital Media?
Interview with Heidi McDonald
Creative Director at iThrive Games – Pittsburgh, PA USA

Chapter 2: History of Interactive Digital Media
Interview with Elizabeth (Jake) Feinler
Former Director of the Network Information Center (NIC) – Palo Alto, CA USA

Chapter 3: Interactive Digital Media Team and Process
Interview with Tim Frick
CEO and founder of Mightybytes, Inc. – Chicago, IL – USA

Chapter 4: The Nature of Digital Media
Interview with Chris Cox
Former Senior Computer Scientist for Photoshop, Adobe Systems Inc. – Palo Alto, CA – USA